Why Do Manufacturers Choose Precision Ground Bars? Insights from a Precision Ground Bar Supplier in Seattle, Washington

Manufacturers in Seattle are constantly under pressure to outperform their processes without compromising on quality while reducing production costs. Moreover, the demand for tighter tolerances continues to increase, which only adds to the complexities of machining procedures.

Today, manufacturers often look to the different types of barstock to help them improve their business efficiencies. One way to enhance productivity and address manufacturing challenges is to partner with a precision ground bar supplier in Seattle, Washington. However, since not all suppliers offer comparable services and quality, choosing a reputable and reliable service provider is crucial. In these situations, most manufacturers prefer to partner with an industry leader who can provide exceptional customer service and high-quality materials — like Banner Commercial.

Are you interested in learning more about precision ground bars? We are going to discuss some of the key things you should know below.

An Introduction to Precision Ground Bars

Precision ground bars are a specifically manufactured industrial product. The bars are finely ground and polished to guarantee a straight and polished surface. This ensures that every bar is highly accurate, and is suitable for high-performance applications.

When you work with a reputable precision ground bar supplier in Seattle, Washington, you will receive a product that maintains consistent straightness and outside diameter over the entire length of the bar to tight tolerances. This helps in minimizing unnecessary bearing wear and undesirable vibrations when used in Swiss automatic screw machines. Furthermore, you can also request different kinds of material grades and heat treatment suitable for your intended use.

All of these key attributes yield increases in machine productivity since the resulting product is closest to near net shape and has the surface finish requirements built in to reduce additional processes down the line.

How Are Precision Ground Bars Used?

Precision machine shops rely on centerless ground materials to maximize machine productivity. By using precision ground bar, scrap rates are reduced, tool life increases, and superior part quality is achieved.

Precision ground bars are used in applications requiring higher accuracy and tighter component tolerances. Some common end use applications for precision ground bars include lab equipment, motor shafts, weather measuring devices, ball bushings, pneumatic cylinders, pump shafts, office and home furniture, medical implants, food processing equipment, sporting goods, components for military or defense, marine hardware, and aerospace parts.

If you don’t know what type of surface finish or tolerances may be appropriate for your specific applications, you can always speak to a knowledgeable precision ground bar supplier in Seattle, Washington to find the right product for your needs.

What Materials Are Available?

Products acquired from a reputable precision ground bar supplier in Seattle, Washington, include a range of materials such as stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel, copper, and aluminum. The choice of material impacts your budget, product life cycle, and overall performance capabilities. Certain grades of material also help achieve corrosion and heat resistance properties, increased strength, and better machinability.

Choosing a supplier that follows strict quality standards, provides friendly customer service, offers competitive prices, eliminates excess production scrap, observes extensive testing procedures, and has shorter lead times is ideal. This will give you the peace of mind that every bar you order will be of the desired quality and specifications.

Looking for the Best Precision Ground Bar Supplier in Seattle, Washington?

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