As quality demands increase in the automotive industry, the use of centerless ground material continues to be the best choice amongst OEM’s, Contract Manufacturers, and Precision Machine Shops. Centerless ground materials are proven to increase productivity, reduce scrap rates, and deliver higher quality machined products. Centerless ground materials are often used in the following automotive applications:

  • Fuel System Components: Injectors, regulators, and pumps
  • Cooling systems: Water pump shafts
  • Steering Systems: Actuator piston rod assemblies
  • Brake Systems: Caliper bushings
  • Electrical Systems: Solonoid valves
  • Suspension Systems: Shocks, struts, bushings
  • Engine Components: Valve train

Banner Commercial offers a comprehensive portfolio of materials specifically designed to satisfy the above application requirements and many more. Our portfolio of carbon, stainless steel, brass, and aluminum make us an ideal partner.

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