NDT: Ultrasonic Testing

Banner Commercial offers in-house immersion testing for all common commercial grade materials with outside diameters of .125″ through 4.00.” This value-added service helps OEM’s and Contract Manufacturers comply with the latest ASTM specifications related to a given material requiring ultrasonic testing. Having Banner Commercial perform this critical value-added service provides the following advantages:

  • Tests and identifies inherent internal and surface anomalies prior to machining
  • Capable of testing round, flat, and shaped material
  • Pre-tested material readily available in Titanium and Stainless Steel commercial grades
  • Reduced lead time by testing material in-house and in process vs. outsourcing
  • Reduced scrap rate due to identifying defective material prior to machining
  • All data is fully recorded and stored as part of the material traceability record

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