Material Identification and Traceability

Niton Gun XRF Analyzer: Material Identification

Banner Commercial utilizes Niton Gun XRF® technology to positively identify the composition of incoming material grades upon request. This value-added service accurately identifies material composition upon receipt, ensuring that the raw material has been made to customer and ASTM specification prior to machining. This can eliminate the possibility of machining that does not match requirements, and confirms that the mill used the correct ingredients during the melt process. All data recorded and stored in the material traceability documentation package is maintained by Banner. This service is performed in process, and has no effect on material lead time.

Line Marking

Banner Service offers customers the option to physically label or “line mark” centerless ground bar with critical information. Printed information can be as simple as material grade, mill name, and heat number, or additional information can be displayed that includes, but is not limited to: customer P.O. number, component part number, processing date (outside processing), heat number, and more. Line marking can be performed on all material ranging from 3/16″ O.D. through 1.50″ O.D. and has no effect on lead time and delivery.