What Is the Difference between Centerless and On-Center Grinding? Insights from a Centerless Ground Bar Supplier in Houston, Texas

The bar grinding process refers to the method of achieving a smooth surface finish and size accuracy with metal bars, tubes, pipes, etc. While many different types of grinding processes are utilized in the industry today, two of the most common methods are centerless grinding and grinding on-center. Both methods have certain similarities, yet there are distinguishing characteristics as well that make each one suitable for specific applications.

As a manufacturer, any misunderstanding you have between the two methods can lead to expensive errors and delayed project timelines. Are you interested in learning about some of the key differences between the centerless grinding and grinding on-center methods? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This centerless ground bar supplier in Houston, Texas is going to discuss everything you’ll need to know below.

What Does the Centerless Grinding Process Entail?

Centerless grinding is a machining process that uses abrasive cutting to remove material from a workpiece. The workpiece is secured between two rotary grinding wheels, and the speed of their rotation relative to each other determines the rate at which material is removed from the workpiece.

An experienced centerless ground bar supplier in Houston, Texas can achieve tight tolerances, minimize any irregularities along the length of the bar and help maintain its straightness.  What makes this process different?

  • Superior roundness
  • Faster processing
  • Tighter tolerances
  • Grinding accuracy
  • Excellent surface finish

This machining method is suitable for manufacturing brushings, pins, rollers, shafts, and more.

If you would like to learn more about the grinding process and other specifics pertaining to your project, do not hesitate to get in touch with a reputable centerless ground bar supplier in Houston, Texas for futher assistance.

What Is the On-Center Grinding Process?

On the other hand, on-center grinding indexes on the ends of the bar. The head of the grinding equipment machines the outside diameter (O.D.). The grinder can work on a variety of shapes, but the piece must have a point at each end that allows the product to be rotated.

It is versatile, allows for multiple diameters, and is an inherently stable process. Typical applications include arbors, camshafts, flanges, motor shafts, sun gears, etc. The on-center process, sometimes called cylindrical grinding, may require added stock allowance for clean-up, as no stock will be removed from low spots. Therefore, the process makes the bar a true round and straight product. What are some more of its benefits?

  • Grinding precision
  • Guaranteed concentricity between O.D. and I.D. on cylinders
  • Complex feature grinding capacity

Also, with workpieces that require both kinds of grinding operations, those are performed subsequently on purpose-built tools. It is called the ‘2-in-1’ process, which significantly helps save on production costs, time, and effort. However, your centerless ground bar supplier in Houston, Texas must be specially equipped for this type of grinding method, and their operators must be knowledgeable enough to know what they are doing.

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