The QRM Advantage

QRM (Quick Response Manufacturing) is a University of Wisconsin-Madison based program that helps companies with low-volume, high-variability or custom-engineered products reduce their lead times in the marketplace. Banner adopted the QRM methodology in January 2014, allowing us to reduce lead times by 50% in areas of quoting, order entry, production and shipping.  Currently, 90% of all requests for quotes received are processed in under 4 hours. Before implementing QRM, lead times for products and services averaged 15-20 days after receipt of order. Since adopting and implementing QRM, average quoted lead times have dropped to 5 to 10 days depending on material availability and the size of the order received.

Banner Commercial continues on our journey through QRM. Our customers and employees have noticed a significant difference in culture, performance, and service levels. We look forward to servicing current and new customers through this unique program.